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High Jewellery

FANCYCD HIGH JEWELLERY, originated from London, UK, is a world leading supplier for the most outstanding stones to the European royal families.

Victorian Style

In 1837, Queen Alexandrina Victoria (5/24/1819-1/22/1901) was crowned in Westminster Abbey. On the same year, a royal stone supplier (predecessor of FANCYCD) with rich resources started to work for the British royal family.

Top Craftmanship

In our High Jewellery Studio in Italy, the creation process of a piece of work is very complicated. From stone/diamond cutting to weight and color, all have to be considered to make a quality piece.

Legend Founder

Mr. Justin Zhou, International jewelry appraiser, General Manager of Asian Pacific area of FANCYCD,and one of the brand founders, graduated from the London School of Economics and Political Science,one of the top universities in United Kingdom.

FANCYCD Private Club

FANCYCD HIGH JEWELLERY shows its latest and the most comprehensive top full-size colored stone and colored diamond pieces to VIP in its private club.
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