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This piece is composed of top sapphire, yellow sapphire, tsavorite, black gold, platinum and gold. Queen Victoria had been keeping the good diary writing habit, which let us know the inner side of her. Victorias husband candidates also include Prince Willem van Oranje and Prince Alexander. When Albert came, she wrote: Albert is very handsome. His hair color is the same as mine. His eyes are large and blue with high and straight nose, sexy mouth and pearl like bright and clean teeth. What makes happy is that he is good at expressing his feelings”. As for Alexander, she wrote: “He is boring”. It is clear that Queen Victoria loved Albert at the first sight. Their happy marriage is the model of the British royal family. Prince Albert passed away in the age of 42. Then the Queen wrote a thick memoir to remember their happy life. She kept pretending that he had never gone as years before Prince Albert planted Royal Blue Morning Glory in the garden. At a quiet night, Queen Victoria slept forever with Alberts pajama in her hands. Morning Glory stands for “Everlasting Love”.  Memory of lover likes a beautiful and real dream. The creation of Morning Glory brooch and earring lasts one and a half years. The main stone star sapphire, surrounded by top tsavorite, transparent diamond, colored sapphire and sapphire, gives a bright glint. Life always has an end, but love is long-lasting. To keep a piece of morning glory jewellery to remember your everlasting love forever.

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