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In Legend of Fairy, written by Liu Xiang, Han Dynasty, there was a hermit called Xiao Shi in Spring and Autumn Period, he could use bamboo flute to imitate the sound of phoenix. At the same time, Nong Yu, the daughter of Qin Mugong also loved music. Then they married and lived in Fengtai. Every day, Xiao Shi taught Nong Yu to play the flute. One day a group of phoenix came and the couple went to the heaven by riding the phoenix. Since then, this story passed down from generations to generations. It was the symbol of happy marriage. Another legend of phoenix was from Arabian country. Phoenix was regarded as Saint Bird. After they reached to 500 years old, they would bear all unhappiness and hatred of this world. As a result, they ended their life for peace and happiness of the world. But they would be born again with a better body.        


This piece of brooch has a phoenix tail formed by Paraiba tourmaline, colored sapphire, ruby and white diamond. The bird looks more elegant and vivid. The brooch is designed to symbolize happy marriage, prosperous life and peace. The phoenix also shares our hope for the future.

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