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French Le Roman de Renart was well known in medieval European countries. It is a long narrative poem with fox as the main character. It includes a number of separate small stories with the same character-male fox Le Roman. The stories were from Rome fables of ancient Greek, or stories of Eastern countries such as India, or stories from the Germanic people, or French folk stories. The author described medieval feudal society as a beast world or a bandit kingdom. The works used animal world to represent human society. In the story, the fox was the baron, which was an anti- feudal character during the fighting with wolf, bear, lion and priest. But he was also the image of upper society. But he had always been a symbol of wisdom and courage and his final victory marked the victory of the people's wisdom over feudal violence.    

Therefore, Le Roman was then the term of fox. In 1794, German poet Goethe wrote the narrative poem Reynard based on this story. In modern times, many French, European and American writers changed the Le Roman de Renart to essay. There are many translated versions or similar works in Germany, England and Italy

FANCYCD’s designers use 15ct. Columbia oil-free emeralds to create a special “Le Roman” brooch. The sly and clever fox is vividly shown in front of your eyes. Its face is covered with big tail, noble and mysterious. When you look down from the top, you can see its small nose and mouth. The unique design only belongs to you.       

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